tracking a gps navigating system device

By kgmafatshe ·
is it possible to track a lost Mio gps navigating system device?

help will be highly appreciated.

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It will be cheaper to but a new one.

Because the device that you will buy to try and trace the lost device in question will cost more that the lost device.
So get another one, and this time make sure you do not lose it. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please give a thumbs up. Thanks

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I wish

by tech In reply to It will be cheaper to but ...

I wish I had that too...even though I didnt lose mine, I think it would be cool to track wherever the **** I am going. I dunno though, it can run some $$$ but I think it would be nice. I find a good reason to use it because my parents are the smartest with directions, so if they are lost, I can track on to their GPS device and tell them how to get back on track, even though thats the whole point of a GPS, but yea. Best of luck!


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by ---TK--- In reply to I wish

Back a couple years ago, I recall people purchasing Nextel/sprint Phones that have GPS built in so that it could be tracked by the end user. Usually it was parents tracking thier kids... The kids figured it out and would turn it off... anyways, those phones might be still around...

As for the original post... You could try and contact the manufacture, and they might give you the coordinates... Highly unlikely, because if it turns up that its stolen, and you confront the people that have it.... someone gets hurt... bla bla bla... the manufacture might get blamed for it...

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