Tracking Computer Usage

I work in IT Support for a university and one of our HOD's has asked if there is any way we can track or trace user activity on a particular computer which is attached to some specialist equipment.

Specifically, he needs to record username, time on, time off and applications executed with dates and times. I find the Windows (7) Event Logs to be a right PITA and not suited to what we need.

Does anyone have any suggestions for apps that will render windows logs into human-readable form (so we can put them into spreadsheets if necessary) or alternative solutions for logging user activity?

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Tracking Computer Usage

by alexstingmaster In reply to Tracking Computer Usage

You can try out WorkExaminer. It perfectly suits all your needs.

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Tracking Computer Usage

by Monicadawson123 In reply to Tracking Computer Usage

Things You'll Need
Internet logs
Monitoring software
Log on to your computer and right click on the "My Computer" icon. Choose "Explore" from the menu to open Windows Explorer. Once Windows Explorer is open, you can find the logs and Internet files that will tell you where your workers, your children or your spouse have been on the web.

Click the plus sign next to "My Computer," then click the plus sign next to the "C" drive. Navigate to the "Documents and Settings" folder and look for the name of the user you want to track. The "Documents and Settings" folder creates a sub-folder for each user who logs on to the computer, and the information regarding that user is stored under this sub-folder.

Navigate to the "Local Settings" folder under the user you want to track. If this folder is not visible, click on the "Tools" menu, choose "Folder Options," click the "View" tab and select the "View hidden files and folders" option. Once the "Local Settings" folder is open, look for the sub-folder named "Temporary Internet Files." This is the folder where the Internet browsing history is retained. Look through the entries in this folder for any inappropriate sites.

Consider using a third-party monitoring program if you suspect a problem with a particular user's computer usage. There are a number of monitoring programs that can be used to send screen shots from a user's computer to the email address you specify. There also are programs that will record each keystroke the user makes and send that information to you at specific intervals.

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Tracking Computer Usage - track applications and websites accessed

by vaishali.badgujar In reply to Tracking Computer Usage

Try Time Doctor - a time tracking app which also tracks what applications and websites were accessed on a remote computer.

You just need to install it on a computer on which you want to track user activity.

Please note it is not a spying software where the user is not aware of the monitoring. The user needs to start and stop the monitoring. When it is turned off, none of the activities are tracked, so the user can feel secure in knowing that data will only be collected when he / she wants it to be.

Detailed reports of the apps and websites usage help monitoring the activities from anywhere. It also provides a screenshot monitoring feature (optional).

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