Tracking deleted table objects in SQLServer 2000 or 2005

By ratheeshgdn ·

Can anyone just guide to know, or is it possible to recover the deleted table from a a database or at least the data by using mssql server 2005 scripts.

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Well have you got a back up with it in?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Tracking deleted table ob ...

If so, you could try a restore table, though that one always make me nervous.

Otherwise you restore the back up to another database, export / transfer the table. Then cope with anything that's missing or broken.

A tip for you. Rename the table instead of deleting it OldName_ToDelete say.
Then when you are really really really confident about deleting it, then hit the button after you've done a backup. You know just in case you confidence was misplaced.

If you've got nothing, it depends on your schema, you could try and rebuild it from information in other tables, depends on how much and how useful.

If you are looking for undelete, I'm afraid it's hard luck matey.

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