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My question is this: I've noticed that email sent from anyone at my company (Outlook/Exchange) is often delayed by several hours or even days before reaching an email address at my personal domain ( which I have hosted through a hosting provider. Mail in the other direction (Personal Domain > Work) is delivered instantly. How can I find out who is responsible for the delivery delay?

* I've tested sending mail FROM work to other email addresses at other domains - NO DELAY
* Sometimes I've noted that sending mail FROM work TO my personal domain results in a "451 bad reverse DNS" error
* when mail DOES finally arrive to my personal domain, I look at the message header and see that the transfers are quick between mail servers within the company infrastructure but the delay seems to be between handing it off from the work server to my ISP's
* I have several domains hosted with this 3rd party and it seems that mail sent FROM work to ANY email address at ANY domain hosted at this hosting company is delayed
* mail sent FROM any other source (friends, family, Yahoo/gMail/HoTMaiL accounts, etc) TO my personal domain(s) is never delayed

I'd like to have a better understanding of what's going on before going back to our I.T. team so if anyone has any insight on what I should/could be doing or looking for, I'd much appreciate it.

BTW - my profile says "IT Department Manager" but I'm more on the business side versus the I.T. side.

Jeremy :)

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by scott In reply to Tracking Email Delivery D ...

I did a quick email blacklist check ( on and they showed up on 3 lists as blocked. Now, I don't if your email address includes or if your mx record points to but that is my initial concern.

One way you can see what ip your mx record points to is:
Go to CMD prompt
type nslookup <Enter>
type set type=mx <Enter>
type ( <Enter> (without parenthesis)

If you get a return that includes then that is a good place to start. Your getting blacklisted, which could delay email delivery. Make sense?

If this isn't making sense your more than welcome to send me a private email.


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That's It!!

by jeremy.swampillai In reply to Blacklist

Thanks for the great info! That seems to be it! My web hosting provider (through which I manage about a dozen personal domains) has that IP address for their mail server through which all mail for all my domains is filtered.

That explains, then, why mail sent from work to ANY of my domains is either delayed or not delivered since they all go through my Web Host's mail server.

D'you know at what point in the delivery the BlackList is involved? Is it AFTER mail leaves the origin Exchange server?

Thanx much! Huge help already!
Jeremy :)

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