Tracking Internet Usage

By jessican ·
A user is going on the internet during work time, he deletes his history and doesn't have his proxy setting turned on so we can't check what he has been going on using our Trend software. We can see the cookies files but need to know how long the user is accessing the websites for. We can't put any software onto his pc. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

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Try undelete?

by markp24 In reply to Tracking Internet Usage


Can you access this users pc and undelete the files that were deleted? Otherwise you could use a man in the middle approach, Place a system between his and the switch (laptop) and that system can have the software needed to track that users usage.

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At the gateway

by Churdoo In reply to Tracking Internet Usage

If you can't install something on the PC (i.e. something from, then you can deal with the problem at the Gateway. Look at

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And a fun tool to use is

by robo_dev In reply to At the gateway

Effetech HTTP Sniffer.

You may need to put an Ethernet hub between the user's switch port and connection in the wiring closet to allow you to capture packets.

On that hub, you then plug in a protocol analyzer, such as Wireshark, or a capture utility such as Effetech. Effetech is neat because it actually captures all files sent to/from the user web browser, thus you can see instantly what type of site is being used. It's also a good security lesson for web developers who do not see the need to use HTTPS, as you can see EVERYTHING via HTTP.

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