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Tracking multiple jobs on a server

By g094389 ·
I did a couple searches in Google and here and either I'm not very good at choosing the proper keywords or what I'm looking for doesn't exist.

To begin, I'm tasked to establish some balance changes on our VCM server. We have a large number of regularly scheduled jobs (some daily, some weekly). The native reporting provides some basic info on start time, end time and subsequently duration.

The history goes back 7 days and I'm dumping these into a spreadsheet so I have data going back a couple months. So what I'm looking for is a desktop app that lets me plug in or import the data and have it plotted in a matrix with the desired goal of being able to better visualize how the schedules should be changed to enable more efficient use of the server running the jobs.

So, basically do any of you know a program that does this? While searching for an app, I've spent some time working with charting in Excel but am finding my skills in that regard to be somewhat lacking.

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