Tracking Network Traffic to Workstation

By michaellgates ·
I need either a software or hardware solution to monitor our internet traffic. We have a full T1. We use a Watchguard Firebox 700 for our firewalling and NAT.

The management software for the Watchguard has a bandwidth usage meter, which is often slammed to the top. There aren't any other effective tools to see who is doing what. I need some way to figure out what is using up all the bandwidth!

I would like to trace this back to the offending workstation but do not want to have to install software on each workstation to achieve this.

Any ideas on how I can do that?

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A few packages to monitor web traffic & filter if needed

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Tracking Network Traffic ...

Surf Control

This is a pretty substantial market, so I'm sure you'd be able to find something.

Some other things to look at:
Make sure the systems aren't set to auto-anything with MSFT updates.

Ditto with any other 3rd party apps (Java, Adobe, etc)

Change the default home page on the systems to something local (intranet page) or BLANK. Having to go to MSN or Yahoo every time the system tries to access the ERP portal on the intranet chews bandwidth needlessly.

Best of luck!!

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In addition to the above

by OH Smeg In reply to Tracking Network Traffic ...

Wire Shark on the internal Network is a good tracking tool.

But you really need to turn everything off Auto as this is the biggest Bandwidth Hog that you can find.


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Check this out...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Tracking Network Traffic ...

If you only have 1 ingress/ egress point you want to monitor, you can get away with the freeware version of PRTG.


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Thanks Everyone

by michaellgates In reply to Check this out...

Thanks for all the great tips!

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