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Tracking Network Utilization Spikes

By jekar2.0 ·
I work for a county school system. We have about 50 sites, in a spoke and hub, where we don't own or monitor the routers but we do own and monitor the switches. All Cisco 3550s and 3750s for the head ends and 2950s and 2960s for the down stream.

We have Orion monitoring bandwidth usage, and it will email us on high utilization.

I can track spikes while they are happening from a central monitoring station with omnipeek, but that requires me to get the email, log into the monitoring station, start a capture and filter down the chattiest talker in the subnet.

My question is this, is there an easy automated way to track and log network utilization spikes back to an interface or IP? I know netflow will do this on routers but we don't own the routers

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Maybe Windows Resource Monitor??

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mirror to a server and then flow creators like fprobe?

by donthomas143 In reply to Tracking Network Utilizat ...

The best is packet capture like you are doing. In actual, like you said NetFlow is the answer, but since the devices do not support flow export, mirror the important links from the switch to a Linux server and on the server run one of the many open source flow generators like fprobe. fprobe will generate NetFlow packets based on the traffic reaching it and then these packets can be captured using any flow analyzer. Hope this will help !

Don Thomas
ME NetFlow Analyzer

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