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tracking of downloaded files

By aikwang ·
I'm looking for sofware that will show me the location of the files/programs had been stored on the hard disk after downloading them, such as those update programs/patches.

i really do not like those update program whereby they do not ask you where to store those patches because you won't know what you've downloaded and where those program has been stored.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to tracking of downloaded fi ...

Updates for what, Windows OS updates/patches?
If that is the case, you can run MBSA, the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, to see what patches you have and what you need. Go here for info:

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by aikwang In reply to

I'm interested in updates for both Windows and other programs installed in the P.C., i want to save those downloaded files for future use (when i need to re-install the software again)

Thanks for your info anyway.

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by Oz_Media In reply to tracking of downloaded fi ...

Joeseph EXCELLENT link! Thank you!


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by aikwang In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

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by TheChas In reply to tracking of downloaded fi ...

When you install software updates and patches over the internet, the installation files for the patch are NOT stored on your PC.

The patch may store a few files temporarily, but only replaces the older version of the files with the newer version.

For Microsoft Windows patches, you can use the update catalog page:

and manually download and store the patch installation files.

For some patches and updates, you can browse the downloads page at

There are some configuration managers available that monitor and record file changes on your PC.
However, just knowing which files have changed will NOT allow you to save and port patches over to another PC.
Many patches are only updates to the Windows registry.
As such, there is NO file to copy and install on another PC.


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by aikwang In reply to

My P.C. is shared among the familiy and i often need to re-install the OS and the other programs caused the " damages " done by the kids playing with the P.C.(I prefer to re-install everything than to spent time to trouble shoot when the damage done are serious ones)

I'd like to save those downloaded patches/files (if possible)so i don't need to update the PC thru the update programs because i had only 56K dial up internet connection.

Based on your explaination for the process of updates, i don't think my idea is possible.

Thanks for your info.

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by TheChas In reply to tracking of downloaded fi ...

Like you, I want to be able to install updates without having to download them every time I need them.

You can still manually download most patches.
There are 2 ways to get most Microsoft patches and SAVE the file for future use.

1. Run Windows Update.
Click on the read more link for EACH patch.
Usually you can follow 1 or 2 more links and download the file for installing the update.
I save a text or html file that describes each patch that I download so that I know what it is, and why I might want to install it.

2. The Windows Update catalog link that I gave in my first answer (remove the space in the pasted link) will generate a list of updates for any current version of Windows.

It then downloads the patches you select to the folder of your choice on the hard drive.
You can then burn the files onto a CD, or store them in some other manner.

The only Microsoft update that cannot be downloaded is IE 6 on a W2K or XP based PC.
(you can however download the W2K or XP version of IE 6 from a PC running Windows 9

You can also subscribe to a security email from Microsoft that usually includes a link to an article explaining the update.
Usually, the article includes a link to download the patch.

I have seen a few other programs that perform internet updates.
However, for most of them, you also have the option to download the patch.

Even the major anti-virus programs allow you to download the weekly updates manually.


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by Chris910 In reply to tracking of downloaded fi ...

this will not solve the question you are asking but may solve the problem you are trying to resolve.
1) Purchase a removable Hard drive tray and a second HD (it is simplest if the Hard drive is the same as the original) drive 1 has dad's stuff drive 2 has the kid's stuff.
2) Look into one of these products that essentially freeze the the software at a certain point (ie. working) and then changes after that are only virtual unless you have the password to make them permanent. I have been told that both work well.
Deepfreeze (
Cleanslate (

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by wlbowers In reply to tracking of downloaded fi ...

You can go to the corporate download site at Microsoft and save the patches for repetive installs via cd or other medium.

Remove all spaces after copy and paste.

Good Luck Lee

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by aikwang In reply to

I tried the link but was unable to get to the page with an error of page not found. Anyway, i would not think of down loading patch/files more than 10Meg size from the internet.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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