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    Tracking Outlook Calendar


    by eminent87 ·


    Is there a way to track who is deleting an executive’s calendar item? Here is the situation – we have a VP that gets his meeting and appointments deleted from time to time. The problem is, he has so many people managing his calendar it is really difficult to track down who is doing the deleting. He has a total of 4 ppl (3 secretaries and himself) that have read and write access to his calendar. Although his secretary is complaining that his calendar items are mysteriously disappearing, I think someone is accidentally deleting them. The problem is who? Are there anyway I can configure Exchange 2003 or Outlook XP to track this?

    Personally, I think having more than 2 ppl managing calendar is too much and can create problems and confusions but he is the boss and it’s what he wants. I just want a work around to resolve this issue. Thanks so much!

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