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    Tracking Software


    by junk ·


    I have either a question or perhaps a challenge to anyone.

    I am working with a non-profit literacy foundation that would like to start a online book club. We are looking for a open source software that could track the whereabouts of any book at any time. This could be done by simply allowing each member to have his/her own account via our site, adding a book with a unique tracking number, and then passing that book along to a friend, family member, or complete stranger. When the friend, family member, or complete stranger receives the book, they are prompted to jump on a site, type in the tracking number, read the book, and then pass it along to someone else.

    We are thinking of a software that not only could track the software, but also when typing in the tracking code the software could simply grab their ip address and note where in the world the book is located.

    The idea is to spread literacy through out the world, while making a unique online book club.

    So if any one knows of anything remotely like this that can even be modified, or would like to be apart, please let me know.


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