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Hey! I have a question concerning online security and privacy.

Which methods would an online stalker use to get to know your every single social media account or forum username? I've never been too sloppy about online security and never put my personal info anywhere. Even in social media I'd prefer random usernames and not connecting the accounts to each other.

However after I had cut off some people, I created few alternative email accounts and similarly social media accounts that couldn't be directly connected to me, and started using VPN in addition to just normal antivirus and modem firewall.
But I found out in those new places there was always that one person who approached and we either discussed through PM or email. After we had dropped contact, in both cases someone had subbed my new emails for IT security newsletters from exactly same sites! I don't see anyone else would be motivated to sub me for lots of newsletters and spam since I don't pick fights etc online.

As far as my antivirus has been working, nothing malicious has been sent to me when I was in contact with the old people. Aside from that I don't know how they'd recognize me. I eventually even reinstalled my OS out of worry there might still be something I'm unaware of.

How could they be able to track me down and if there are some methods that'd make it possible, could I also turn such methods against them in case this goes further?

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