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Tracking Your Time Effectively

By alexvincemsp ·
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I am very sure, this is a historical topic, but just want to turn on some lights and bring back the history to life... :)

Do you guys live you life streamlined? or just live it like an artist? every day is a new art :)
How do you guys differentiate between your personal and official time? for me, its a pain. I spend a lot of my personal time working and a part of my official time in personal meetings or calls.
How do you guys track your time? Some of my colleagues still use their sheets to track time. Funny thing is they do not track the time they spend on updating their sheets :) :)
How good is using a tool to track time over sheets or excel? People are going back to traditional methods doing things :)

Lets share our thoughts here and discuss on one of the most important and worthy TOOL - TIME, that we are living on and living with :) :)

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