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    Traditional methods going to garbage! Newer networking models getting every


    by a.chaudhary ·

    The world wide web is rennovated! Not in terms of appearence, but in terms of existential connectivity and the modes of working by the users.Could anyone believe that we will have a substitute for emails? The best thing to have happened to messaging? we do have substitutes..and that too in multiple forms all over the blogosphere and the social networks.With the introduction of simpler forms of access like RSS and Google reader, it is so easy to keep a check on the latest by just clicking on a button in your toolbar, right at the choice of your placing on your desktop.Gone are the days of conventional methods of hovering in and around umpteen links to get to a certain place.

    Those who have got tired of wading through piles of e-mailS, have moved most of their communications to social networking tools, especially blogs, to keep up with their co-workers and the rest of the world.

    People are now making extremely effective use of a blog to track ideas, due dates, documents, and more.Be it a non-public or a public blog,it gets quite easy to accomplish getting every path converged, and converged to the level where everything is just a mere thought away!

    The pace at which everything is shaping around on the web is unbelievable and if this continues for a longer period, then we might well see a whole new browsing concept emerging out of tiny toolbars closet.

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