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    Traffic Priority


    by shabba ·


    I am trying to give priority to the Exchange traffic between SERVER1 ( and SERVER2 ( I see that I can use CAR (committed access rate) and GTS (generic traffic shaping). I like the GTS because it holds packets ina queue rather than sending them to the bit bucket.

    My problem is that it seems that QoS must be turned on for any of this to work.

    1) With 64Meg of RAM and 16Meg of FLASH, am I asking for more trouble by turning these features on?

    2) Isthere any other way of giving priority to traffic originating from and destined to

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      Traffic Priority

      by difster ·

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      I don’t think turning on QoS will be a big deal for you unless your pipe is near the saturation point already. RAM is cheap these days, you could upgrade it.

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