Traffic redirection and or blocking?

By mike.urbizo ·
Good day to all in advance know that this is a long question that needs an open mind and patience. I will try to be as clear as possible. I would appreciate now one responding with "google it" because I HAVE for 3 weeks now and am at wits-end.

I have setup 2 servers know over 4 times each trying this, I have a windows server 2008 and a Linux server (turnkey, Ubuntu and cent OS multiboot install) I have all these because I wanted to find out which one wold help me do what I want to do.
So I am trying to setup a network in a school that is very far from civilization, the bandwidth here is a very precious resource, so people watching videos on youtube is a big NO-NO. We only count with 1Mb bandwidth for a total of 40 computers (please don't scold I know this is beyond optimal but the school budget is NOT under my control). My first query is on how to use DNS server to redirect ALL traffic on explorers typing in to our school website? This so that teachers and students alike understand that they should be working, NOT watching videos on youtube and or "facebooking". I used to do this with hosts files but now teachers bring their laptops and use those instead in work hours :S.

Anyway my second problem has to do with using those same severs to proxy certain websites to save on bandwidth as much as possible. For example, can a SINGLE windows server installation have ADDS, DNS, DHCP, IIS, MYSQL and WDS all working in harmony? I know this last one is a longshot, but apparently the proxy server does need to be a single service on a machine, or am I wrong here? Please be gentle with me, I only know enough about server to get me in trouble as you can see.

Thank you for your time and Patience in advance.


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