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Train the Trainer: Five training courses for IT trainers

By kjohnson ·
For some reason, after years of getting no offers of any freelance work at all, I've suddenly had two offers of freelance work in the last few days. Although I didn't accept either, I did start thinking about what sort of courses an experienced IT trainer ought to offer to the world at large. I don't mean instruction about software products, but about how to carry on the job of training other people's employees to use them. After all, if we oldies don't set our experience down and pass it on to the new generation, it will die with us, and all those new hires will need to start from scratch.
Every organisation hires instructors and sends people on courses from time to time. That's why you attended <i>How to Make a Presentation in Power Point without Boring your Audience to Tears</i>, <i>How to Show Leadership and Take Decisions in a Crisis</i> and <i>How to Cope with Depression</i>. You probably still have the software, the manuals and the tablets somewhere in your desk drawer. The problem is, those courses were aimed at everybody else in the organisation as well as you. Whatever your job title may be, those courses are much too general to pass on any knowledge that's specifically intended for you. Here, therefore, is my list of training courses that tell you what you really need to know if you're an IT instructor.
1. <b>How to be a Frequent Flier.</b> This fascinating course includes: Choosing the suitcase that's right for you, Why travelling Business Class Saves the Customer's Money, Explaining How to Make Tea to a Foreign Cabin Steward and What to do when you're a Millionaire in Frequent Passenger Points.
2. <b>How to Look After your Wife, Children and House from a Distance.</b> Everything you need to know to avoid dropping what you're doing and rushing to the airport. When the roof caves in, the bailiffs knock on the door and your son phones your mobile from the police station on Gayfield Square, how are you going to cope if you're teaching Microsoft Word at a camel factory in Ougadougou? Find out from those who've been there, or failing that, those who've been to Frankfurt and Rotterdam.
3. <b>Keep Fit with the Seven Day Room Service Diet.</b> Vital health, safety and survival training, also covering airline meals, motorway service stations and railway sandwiches. Includes a free copy of The Good Street Hawkers Guide to Mumbai and Dhaka and a plastic box of iron rations.
4. <b>How to Answer Questions that you Don't Know the Answer to.</b> Very important. Avoid looking like an ignoramus in front of a room full of students.
5. <b>How to Run an IT Training Company.</b> I have no idea what I'm going to put in this one, but I'll think of something. I see a great need.

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Right on

by fanzongdeng In reply to Train the Trainer: Five t ...

Agree with #2, this is a training course I really need =)
Not applicable to those happy singletons though

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How to run an it training co

by ittrainers In reply to Train the Trainer: Five t ...

when you come up with a definitive answer I would love to know, been struggling through for the last 15 years!!

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How to run an IT training company

by kjohnson In reply to Train the Trainer: Five t ...

What issues should the course address?

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