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    what courses should the manager of web development company attend to improve his skills?

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      by inxale ·

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      Beginner.. Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Associate and / or CompTIA iNet+

      Inermediate..Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Professional


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      by stevecottle ·

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      I see where the above responses are going. I’d go a different way. A manager of web development is a manager first. I’d look into Project+ certification, possibly an MBA program. Your staff are the subject experts. Your primary focus should be on managing their expertise for the company’s benefit.

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      by mattww ·

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      If he is the manager of a web dev company he wouldn’t be performing development would he, unless it is a very small company, so why would you take technical courses.

      The IT managers I have lack financial and business knowledge which is where a “manager” should have skill. You have a team of technical people behind you dealing with the programming, if you don’t know something, you talk to them. If you have a meeting with a client, you bring your best guy who has a combination of people/talking skills and development knowledge.

      I would be looking at what the manager does before i looked for the training/courses he goes on, so it is not possible to recommend a particular option beyond a degree in business/management/finance or specialist courses in those areas.

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      by mtempleton ·

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      The scope of the question makes this one difficult. Size matters, as it will define the entire scope of the manager’s responsibilities. But, in all cases, the most important things that a manager of a web development company would likely be responsible for leading teams, managing projects, marketing teams, educating, and managing the team’s careers. Having led technical teams, it’s critical to understand and value individuality among the development staff, so most any leadership-related course that focuses on interpersonal relationships will help. As for managing projects, or managing other project managers, concentrate on courses that will help you focus on cost, estimating cost from several dimensions, and risk management. Understanding those things makes on an incredibly effective manager. Beyond that, it’s basically straightforward PM. Achieving and marketing wins is critical to winning over management and customers (whether they are internal or external), so concentrate on courses and material that help you identify the value in your accomplishments (e.g., ways that you and your team control costs or achieve wins for customers… preferably both). By educating, I don’t mean training… I mean developing a variety of “Lessons Learned” techniques that help avoid repetitious mistakes – I don’t know of a specific course for that, but there are tons of books that demonstrate how it’s done. Finally, allow your development staff to grow (those that want to) and give them opportunities to do so – which gets back to knowing your people – and this is best achieved by learning a variety of teambuilding techniques. One of the best sites that I have found for materials (and, I have no affiliation with them other than being a regular customer) is Books 24×7 – which is a great research site from which I have received many ideas.

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      by muthukumar.g ·

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      My Simple Suggestions is
      1. Project Management Course which gives idea about requirement analysis,planning, tracking, change management and quality managment.
      2. Server Side programming course (any language but i prefer .net or PHP (if linux))
      3. Server Administration Course (IIS or apache)
      4. Team management course (softskills)

      Best of luck

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      by muhannad ·

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      Well, if you can be more specific on the manager position and role, his background, and the structure of the company, that would be helpful in providing you with a proper answer.

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