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By AWR_BA94 ·

I am currently a Programmer Trainee, playing more of a Business Analyst role, using COBOL & C++ on an OS/2 Warp platform. Besides learning to code (which I don't enjoy that much), I also work with our users as the liaison between them andthe current OS/2 programmers (which I do enjoy). We are currently working with an outside vendor to migrate over to Windows 2000. What kind of training or certification would you recommend for me to get an edge on this conversion. Please keep in mind I enjoy the business side of I.T. more than the programming side.

Thanks in advance!

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Further Training

by Techrepublic Member In reply to Training/Certification

I would advise ERP. SAP is a good option.

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MS Win2k

by Milstar In reply to Further Training

It would be to your advantage to study on you own on Win2k or seek MSWin2k certification. However, go with what suits your interest and for you to get through the training should be a breeze as a programmer.

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don't bother with certs . . .

by xxx123 In reply to Training/Certification

Certs are generally for people who want to support networks, administer servers, or develop code. If your career objective is Business Analyst or something like that, just read a general book on Win2K and don't bother with the Certs. You need to focus on learning business concepts, communication skills (both written and verbal) and the soft skills of working in an organization. Also read a book on quality testing because if your business model is to oursource code development (as is often the case) you need to focus on proving if the outsourcer completed the job properly which requires knowing how to define requirements WELL and test results against those requirements.

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