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Training End Users

By BearyAnn ·
How does your company train new employees on company policy for computer usage/email usage/internet etc? Do you just let co-workers train them or do you have a more formal way of getting the training and "correct" company policy of these issues into the hands of new users?

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Formal Training

by jmgarvin In reply to Training End Users

Your end users should be formally trained and forced to sign a technology usage policy.

If you let the co-workers train them you run into problems with misinformation and outright incorrect information.

New users should also get a quicky tour of the IT area so they can meet and greet. Why? If they can see the faces, they will be more apt to call on you in times of need AND follow policy because there is a human behind it.

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We have forms....

by Black Panther In reply to Training End Users

that need to read and signed off!

That way it is in writing they have read and understood the rules if they do break them!

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to We have forms....

I got a sort of rudimentary explanation of ethics and a link to web page, which I haven't bothered to read yet. I'll get round to it, but the basic rule is don't give us a reason to fire your ***. Which keeps things quite simple, compared to reading through all that ambiguous pseudo legalese which basically says the same thing.

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Wary 'bout wules n wegulations am i

by laurie.hillier In reply to Hmmm

I have a rather different point of view about employee access to and use of e-mail & the internet: a view premised on some of the principles of "the learning organisation". That is, as long as employees don't break the laws of the land, they should be able to access the 'net for anything they want. Obviously, their work comes first and, as long as they get it done, whose to query or challenge their right of access to the 'net which, after all, is merely an electronic library, full of potential learning !

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Formal Training is always best...

by JCADEN81D In reply to Training End Users

You never know exactly how much or how little co-worker will be willing to "share" with a new employee. You also want to make sure that the "right" attitude and information about the organization's culture, product(s) and service(s), customers, and human and technological resources are being conveyed.

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