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Training - How much to expect?

By AristonCC ·
I have been in my current position for nearly two years now, after having consulted for the same company for an additional four. When I started here I was able to take a couple of training classes that were applicable to my position. If there is no actual budget for training, how much would one expect a company to pay for, i.e. three training courses per year, etc? If you have received training from your company, how often is it offered?

This ties in with job satisfaction. The pay here is good, but with the tasks becoming more mundane, I want to get some training from the company, but I don't know if asking for three or more classes per year is acceptable.

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tie it to a business need

by faradhi In reply to Training - How much to ex ...

If there is no money for training in the budget then just like all other spending that is not budgeted you need to make a business case for the new expenditure.

I understand that companies should keep their techs skills current. However, there are many professions where the professional is expected to keep up with current methods. Doctors and mental health care professionals are examples of such professions. I know if my wife needs CPE to maintain her certification for counseling, then we pony up the cash.

So in short, you should expect nothing from your company unless it fills a business need. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to better yourself.

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I completely agree

by AristonCC In reply to tie it to a business need

I totally agree with tying the training to a business need. The training that I have received so far has been for platforms that we've never had before so the training I got was a requirement just to make the thing function. Now that it is working, I'm looking for more soft skills/business related training, even management. I'm beginning to wonder if my manager, the director of IT, is threatened by my desire to move into management and is trying to put aside any requests for training...

I make a lot of money here, but as everyone usually says, money isn't everything. I'm unhappy with the lack of growth and opportunities for advancement which has been driving my desire for training.

Thanks for the reply

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Talk to your supervisor and Human Resources

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Training - How much to ex ...

Find out what new skills would best benefit the company. If no money is available, at least you'll have an idea what topics to pursue via online or self-study.

See if HR has a tuition reimbursement program that will help with college costs.

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Not much result from HR and manager

by AristonCC In reply to Talk to your supervisor a ...

My supervisor is the director of IT for the company so there's no division between the two of us, it's me, then the top IT guy. That can make it a challenge. I've spoken with HR about tuition reimbursement and then spoken with the president of the company. Apparently the only thing that is covered is what applies to the company itself, not to my position. I may end up having to foot the bill for any sort of training.

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