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Training PCs on 2 different networks

By jeff.west2 ·
I work for a company that is very strict on security. We have a training room that is used to train both internal employees and outside customers. We need the training PCs to be inside our network sometimes, and outside our network other times, because some sites present different web pages depending on the location of the client. Since we use filtering and a proxy, what we see from a web site via our LAN may be different than what someone on the general Internet may see. So we have brought in a DSL connection to use for the "public" Internet connection. To make this work, we have two different cables available for the trainer. One connects them to our LAN, the other to the DSL connection. These are then plugged one at a time into a pc that has Windows ICS, and all training PCs go through that shared connection. This keeps the training PCs from ever being on both networks at the same time. Is there a better way to keep the two networks separate, but simplify the training environment? Please consider cost when answering. Budget is a concern.

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by faradhi In reply to Training PCs on 2 differe ...

The cheapest way would be another NIC. One Nic is connected to the internal network, another is connected to the other network. Disable the one not in use.

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by larryhyman In reply to Training PCs on 2 differe ...

not really, sound like you are on the right track, if you do use a PC with two nics, disabling one at a time, that will work but you will have to do that on every PC that you want to do this with. having a DSL connection, a router and a small LAN say of 10 PCs will show access from the outside world, now suppose you want to switch one of those outside PCs to show an inside web page, just set up vpn connections on the outside PCs, the will show the outside web page, then connect by the vpn, reload the web page, and all of sudden they will show the inside web page, disconnect the vpn connection, outside web page, reconnect the vpn connection, inside webpage... have your it department set up the vpn security, this will work if the vpn connections and the outside LAN connected to the dsl are setup right.. you may just have to make sure the to lans have totally different ip addresses....

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Training PCs on 2 differe ...

Layer 3 switch with a VLAN for both the training room and LAN within. Routing to the normal Internet or DSL as required (via config changes to switch).


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by CG IT In reply to Training PCs on 2 differe ...

I'm with TechMail. VLAN is the way to go.

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