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Training persentage for IT people

By marabi99 ·
Working in the IT department is not an easy job, especially with the none catchable technology that we see those days. Those IT employees should undergo for training more other employees working in other departments. What is the percentage that you think the IT employee should take based on the number of his working days per year?

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It depends on the type of IT work you are doing, but I figure that a lot of the work I do starts with researching possibilities, in which prior research helps with the next project, and there needs to be continuous learning of programming techniquesthat are new to us.

Thus, in our daily jobs there is a portion of the work that involves learning stuff we did not know yesterday. I get several technical publications & I read them on the job. Yes, when the backup is running, or I am waiting on a compile to end, or a test to complete, it is not unusual for me to be reading technical articles relevant to my job.

I do e-mail & professional forums several hours a day outside of my work hours ... TR for me is like entertainment, the info to me of value to my work is minimal. Thus for each 10 hour day on the job, there is 2 hours outside the office & 3 hours inside the office that I am learning.

Then sometimes I go to technical conferences & seminars & classes. I think we need to do this at least several times a year to stay current.

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