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Training Username Suggestions

I'm setting up the training computers and right now they have pretty boring usernames: Train01, Train02, etc.

Anybody have any favorite themes for usernames in the training environment? I'm thinking about using SuperHeroes (Superman, BatMan, WonderWoman, Mr. Magoo).

I'm eager to hear any and all suggestions

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Computer Names

by timwalsh In reply to Training Username Suggest ...

I've heard 2 main trains of thought when it comes to naming computers (whether server or workstation).

1. The first train of thought espouses that computer names should be based on their function, with the name sometimes using a combination of location, function, and position within hierarchy for that function. Therefore you end up with computer names like "Train01" (which might designate the first training computer at a site) or maybe "ATLDC01" (which might designate the first (01) domain controller (DC) at the Atlanta site (ATL). The argument against this naming convention is that it makes the hacker's job much easier when a business tells him which of the business's computers are important and where they are located.

2. The second train of thought is to use themes such as you suggest. The only key to themes is consistency. It also requires a little more thought (and imagination) as your network grows. The downside to this type of naming convention is: As the network grows, it becomes harder and harder to remember where specific computers are. If you have problems with a computer named ACCT52, you at least know where to start looking. Whereas if you have a problem with a computer named BUZZ (Lightyear), where would you start looking among your 150 computers? (Of course, your stellar network documentation might help alleviate problems like this.)

3. As for favorite themes, I use Russian Czars for my servers (I?m a history buff). I?ve seen themes such as names of planets, Disney characters, states, famous battle locations, Civil War generals, Presidents, or just user names. When choosing a theme it basically comes down to the Administrators personality. Just as a thought: if your are in a school environment, why not names of famous universities.

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training computers

by nypq In reply to Training Username Suggest ...

How about cartoon characters. (Superman,Spiderman,Charlie Brown,Road Runner jus to name a few)

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Our Theme

by Porsha In reply to Training Username Suggest ...

for the training machines are movie & pop stars; we have Marylin Monroe, Freddie Mercury, James Dean, etc. Also for the Lotus Notes training courses we have the same names for the email user names. Not only does it make it more interesting than asking user01 to send an email to user02, but it's also quite a good icebreaker for groups that don't know each other.

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