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By TheGreatTriscuit ·
So... I've got an opportunity and don't want to squander it... My organization has given me a very loose leash and told me to go find training for them to pay for. Conferences, boot camps, etc... They're all about getting me out the door and making me smarter (even when not directly applicable to my current position). This isn't a bad thing... the problem is that my current role is that of direct, user-level support... think "help-desk liason". I do more than that here, but it's mostly to save my own sanity. By the time I leave this position (late 2013), I'll be at a point where I really, really, need to move into something that is less about user interaction and more about meat-and-potatoes Server/Network administration.

So what do I need? I love playing w/ network equipment, and polished off my CCNP last year. I've toyed with the idea of pursuing CCIE, but don't know how feasible/useful it is with my very anemic levels of practical experience. I picked up A/Net/Security+ because I figured I should... I'm lined up for a few packet analysis courses because it's interesting and (I believe) a true asset to troubleshooting at almost any level... I don't currently have any MS certs, but I've been supporting windows forever, and have succesfully deployed Windows Deployment Services once and MDT/2010 again after that... I'm certainly considering chasing those certs, but want to consider my options

I'm also very light on real experience in a fully-functional IT operation... everywhere I've been, with one exception, I've pretty much been *THE* IT guy... So I know next to nothing about project management. Same thing for databases... never had to support them... I've used Xen, VMware, and Hyper-V, but only in my house, and only because it's fun...

I guess what I'm saying is: I know about as much as I need or want to about the things that I'm familiar with... So, of all the things i'm unfamiliar with, which should I pursue next? Should I continue with my all-around approach of learning stuff that interests me? Or should I pick a technology/service and go nuts learning about it?

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