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By lquinit ·
Is transcender exams worth buying? I want to pursue my MCSE. Well, I did not do well on my first try. Can somebody help me reviewing? can you donate some reviewing stuff? Which sites do you think would help me lot? I need help please!!!

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by mel.holloway In reply to TRANSCENDER EXAMS

I found transcenders a must have as part of my exam prep, of all the prep exams I have done these are the closest to the real thing on the down side they are more expensive. Let me now what you intend on taking.

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about transcenders.

by hnnguyen54 In reply to Transcenders

Hi, My name is hue and I need some helps to prepare for MCSE exams. Are transcenders worth
the money for the exams or you guys have any other
ways to prepare for the MCSE exams. I do really need help from your guys. I am, first time, enter
IT career so would you please help your friend and
I would really appreciate very much.

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by T_Richardson In reply to TRANSCENDER EXAMS

I am currently taking the MCSE I use the Transenders along with the classes I'm taking.The Transenders are by far the best why to learn and study.I scored a 966 on workstation using trans and read 2 dumps before taking the test.Look up examnotes.netthere is always alot of info.&

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I use

by FernS In reply to Tansenders

Transcenders, Exam Essentials and there is an Israeli instructor who posts his tests on his website - all he asks is a $5 donation to help maintain his site. His explanations are very thorough (when he determines that the need is there) or if your answers to basic questions are wrong he blasts you for not studying.... in any event, you can download his test bank and I found some of his questions harder than those on the actual cert - so if you can do his tests your ready !!!! Go for it !!!

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