Transfer files from a hard drive to a laptop?

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About a year ago I had to replace my laptop, and I never switched out the hard drives. So I want to get all my old files off of my hard drive and onto my new laptop. All I have existing of the old laptop is the hard drive itself. Both laptops ran on Windows 7, but my old laptop was an Asus and my current laptop is a Dell. (Not sure if that matters or not.) How can I get all of my old files onto my current hard drive?

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Easy way to do this is to use a USB Data Lead

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Transfer files from a har ...

Like the one shown here

Or even us USB Caddy like the one shown here

Then fit the Old HDD to whatever it is you buy and plug it into your running Dell. Go to My Computer or whatever it's called in 7 and open the Removable Drive which normally would be E unless you have Card Readers in the new NB in which case it will be the next drive letter after the Card Readers.

If you have the Data Encrypted on the old system you have a problem but here I'm assuming that you didn't upgrade the OS that came with your Old System from the Home Basic which is commonly installed on new systems.

It shouldn't be any harder than that.

PS if you buy a USB Enclosure you can continue to use the Old Drive as a Backup Device so you are less likely to loose all of your data in the event of some kind of failure or a rebuild by Dell.


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External enclosure

by mjd420nova In reply to Transfer files from a har ...

I purchased an external drive unit that would support IDE, SATA and PATA drives, mounted the drive and using the provided USB port, connected it to a laptop and removed all the files and data I needed. This could then become an easy method to move large, bulky files from one machine to another. (Like movies)

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