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Transfer Software From 1 HDD 2 Another

By its_reflexed ·

I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Knows How To Transfer From 1 HDD To Another Like Yeah Data And All That Piece Of **** (POP)
But Im Talking

Microsoft Office 2002/2003
From A Corrupted HDD To A New One
Or From A Old 4GB HDD To Another

When The Customer Doesnt Have The CD For The Program Or Software

For Example If I Got A New Computer
And Wanted My Old Microsoft Office 2002 Transfer On The 40GB HDD Rather Then The 4GB
And Just Wanted To Do That Nothing Else


Is There Any Programs That Do This


Im Talking

Going From 98/ME To XP Or NS2003

And Keeping Software Programs NOT DATA
Thats Easy Just Burn To A CD Or Whatever

I Want To Be Able To Have The Office 2002 On The New Computer And I Dont Have The CD It Broke But i Got The CD Key And I Cant Get My Hands on the cd no matter what say for example, or they stop making it or whatever for example, i want to be able to transfer that office 2002 from the old 2gb hdd to a 40gb i can do via connecting together on one ide channel master/slave but how do you do it transfer to where, are there different locations, even easier is there a program that does it.

Please help us out ey

really appreciate it if anyone can help

dont stop posting answers appreciative :D

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by dmiles In reply to Transfer Software From 1 ...

Remember, the key is to move only settings and data, and not programs. There are several ways to transfer data from one hard drive to another.


Create a backup of all of your data and restore it on the new hard drive. By data, we mean the contents of the My Document folder, any network settings, bookmarks, saved games, and anything else you can't live without. You can even move the contents of the cookies file if you want. Copy the data from the backup into the appropriate folder on the new hard drive. Although this approach is the easiest, it takes the longest.

Read this article on backing up your hard drive.


A relocator program merges data from your old hard drive onto the new hard drive. It leaves the new operating system intact but moves your network settings, programs, and other data. Even though I said not to move programs over to the new drive, a relocator will move all the necessary registry keys for you. If you find that the programs don't operate as intended after transferring them over, just install a fresh copy on the new drive. We recommend Alohabob's PC Relocator.

Alohabob PC Relocator ($29.95) helps you transfer all your data and programs without overwriting your operating system. Just connect the PCs with the provided cable and launch Alohabob's software to transfer the data. If your PCs are already on a network, you won't need to connect anything.

If you have Windows XP configured on a new computer or hard drive, then you don't need to buy anything. XP comes with the Files and Settings Transfer program, which migrates data from your old PC or hard drive. However, you won't be able to move programs with this program.


Connect the two computers using a direct cable connection (DCC). You can use either a special parallel cable -- called a null modem cable -- or a special USB cable. Read this article for detailed instructions on how to configure two PCs via DCC.

Parallel Technologies can help y

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by its_reflexed In reply to

You Just Finished Year 12 Where You Working Now!!!

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by Chris910 In reply to Transfer Software From 1 ...

You're hosed!

Even if this where practicle the locations of files and configuration of applications for Win98 and XP are such that even if you coppied every file it would be very supprising if it would work. (Simple DOS programs might be another answer.)

Most software vendors can provide you with replacement media for a nominal fee, usually about $15 plus S&H.

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by its_reflexed In reply to
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by paddleballman In reply to Transfer Software From 1 ...

Try Aloha Bob. Excellent software

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by its_reflexed In reply to

That Costs Money I Want Free Im Cheap

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by its_reflexed In reply to Transfer Software From 1 ...

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