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Transfer Win98 from PC to notebook

By niagara1234 ·
How to transfer Windows 98 to another computer (notebook) with different hardware keeping settings in Registry and all software + utils + configurations installed?

I have an older notebook IBM ThinkPad 600X (Pentium III/Coppermine/500 MHz, Chipset 440BX, with Docking Station).

I need to transfer Windows 98 Rel.1 from my desktop PC DELL OptiPlex (Pentium I/90 MHz, Chipset Intel S82434NX) to this notebook with everything kept installed and configured. I really have hundreds working programs there. I already have been trying it for about 14 days, but no results yet. I tried everything simple: pcrestor.bat, HDD-cloning,... It gets frozen before hardware detection after msmouse.vxd. Clean new Win 98 installation works fine. I have dokumentation, drivers,...

Does anybody know:
*How to restart/rerun/redo/redetect hardware?
*Are there any utils for such transfer? (Ghost,...?)

Don't send me simple answers like: RTFM, bootlog.txt,... I know this.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Transfer Win98 from PC to ...

there is 3rd party SW which will transfer your settings and files to a new computer.
Since you bought the computer with the OS, the license is only for that computer. So you will need to obtain a new license and SW for the notebook.

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by TheChas In reply to Transfer Win98 from PC to ...

As stated in answer 1, your W98 license for the Dell is restricted to that specific computer.

Assuming you have a valid W98 license for the laptop, there are 3 ways to do this:

Simple method:
Load Windows 98 onto the laptop.
Set up both the Dell and the laptop for direct cable connection networking using either a network cross-over cable, a USB data transfer cable, or a serial / parallel "Laplink" cable.
Install and run program transfer software such as Aloha Bob.

Oops, Microsoft bought them and you will be limited to what you can find in stock or on ebay.

Here are other options:

Then transfer your programs and files to the laptop.

Slightly involved method:

Download and extract the correct W98 driver files for the hardware in the laptop. Store them in an easy to find folder on the hard drive.

Copy (clone) your Dell hard drive onto the laptop hard drive.

Reconfigure the Dell to boot off of the laptop drive. Disconnect the Dell hard drive for safety sake.

Boot up the Dell.

Open up device manager.

Remove ALL of the system hardware.

Shut down.

Move the drive to the laptop.

Boot up. As device manager finds new hardware, point the wizard to the folder(s) with the laptop drivers.

High Risk Method.

Clone the Dell hard drive onto the laptop drive.

Boot the laptop from the W98 CD or startup floppy.

Install W98 over the top of the existing W98 installation.

This "should" preserve your installed software, but will **** away a number of W98 patches.
It will also create the most registry bloat. Either manually clean up the registry, or use a good registry cleaner such as Norton Win Doctor or V-Com System Suite.

With either of the clone methods, you need to change the product key to match the actual license you have for the

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by niagara1234 In reply to Transfer Win98 from PC to ...

=== Addendum from the original author of this post: ===

For ALL:

I already have a valid Win98 licence for the notebook. I have bought the notebook with the Win98 licence together.
So, do not warry, I am not just copying Windows.

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