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Transfering Data to new HDD

Hi, I want to upgrade my hdd but wish to transfer my os and all of my data from the old one to the new. Can I load all of my old stuff onto a friends pc and then back to the new hdd? What is the easiest and least complicated way to do this? Many thanks, L.

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by pchlp In reply to Transfering Data to new H ...

unplug your PC and plug the old hdd into the CD-rom cable if it is on the secondary IDE plug and boot up.
YOu should now see your primary drive and your old hdd as a secondary drive.

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by In reply to Transfering Data to new H ...


I recommend the following:
1. Install Symantec/Powerquest Partition Magic. Create the Partition Magic boot floppies.
2. Connect both hard drives to the same PC: One as master, the other as slave.
3. Boot from the Partition Magic boot floppies. The application is started automatically.
4. Using Partition Magic, copy the partion(s) from the old hard drive to the new one.
5. Reconnect the IDE cables so the new hard drive is the master.
6. Reboot.

This procedure creates a complete copy of your old hard drive on your new one without affecting the old one. You can even enlarge the new partition(s) if your new hard drive is larger than your old one. If for any reason it doesn't work, you have the old drive to fall back on.

Good luck!

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
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by dryflies In reply to Transfering Data to new H ...

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you are buying a retail drive upgrade, it should come with a program that will copy the entire drive to the new drive intact including boot record.

You could also use Ghost or one of several hard disk imaging tools to copy the drive.

The key is that you have to be careful that you are copying the image of the hard drive, not just the files. It may sound silly but there is a bunch of stuff (boot record etc.) that will not copy conventionally.

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by dmiles In reply to Transfering Data to new H ...

If you would like to clone your hard drive using the DOS command Xcopy, be sure the drive you've installed in the slave position as Drive D, has a primary partition and is formatted.

You will need to format a used drive by opening My Computer, right click Drive D, select Format > Full and select Display summary and Copy System Files.

When your drive to be copied to is formatted, close all open programs and go to Start > Run type XCOPY C:\*.* \ /c/h/e/k/r, click OK.

A DOS window will open to your desktop and when you are queried about overwriting, simply answer "yes" each time.

You are instructing the computer to copy all the files (*.*) from your filled hard drive called C to the your newly formatted hard drive called D. While copying, your added instructions (/c/h/e/k/r), that are called "switches", instruct the computer to copy attributes, read-only files, all sub-directories, hidden files, system files and to ignore errors.

When you've finished copying your drive over to a new drive, shut down your system. Place your newly created drive in the C position, re-position the driver jumpers to "master". You can now opt to store your source drive, re-use it elsewhere, or change the jumpers to the "slave" position, format it and install it as your new, fresh drive D to add extra hard drive space to your computer system.

A limitation to the DOS Xcopy command is that it can only copy over a single partitioned area from your source drive at a time.

If you're in the market for a larger drive, copying over your system to the new drive can make your upgrade simple and easy.

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by HELIOS In reply to

Thanks to everyone for your words of wisdom, they have helped me out no end. The problem is now resolved, many thanks again, L.

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by HELIOS In reply to Transfering Data to new H ...

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