Transfering files from laptop to desktop. Ethernet cable, no router.

By Smash_Devour ·
I have alot of files I need to transfer from the laptop to the desktop.

All I have is an Ethernet cable, no router. I was trying to set up a a p2p (or PnP) connection between the 2 machines earlier to transfer files between them.

Basically what I did was go to the network connection Properties->TCP/IP changed the IP's to and as well as the one below the IP to on both.

I was able to open a command prompt and ping the other machine from both sides but was still unable to transfer files.

What am I doing wrong?

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Are you connecting the 2 computers straight to each other?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Transfering files from la ...

If so you need a Crossover Cable as the LAN Cards are unable to talk to each other without a Hub/Switch or Cross Over Cable.

Depending on the OS being used you also need to share folders so that they can be seen from the other computer.

If you are using some form of Windows running the Network Setup Wizard will probably be of some help as well.


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Transfering files from la ... on the first one and on the second. Set the subnet mask to on both of them. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is a crossover one or most likely they will not talk to each other.

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re transfering files

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Transfering files from la ...

Be sure you have a cross-over ethernet cable, not just a patch cable. Then, you need to set up file sharing on the laptop so the desktop can "see" it.

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If all else fails

by dhuffine In reply to re transfering files

Give up and spend 10 bucks on a 1 gig USB drive :)

Hey arnt you the one that screwed up his mother's computer because you wanted to move some pirated software? Did she ever get her laptop fixed?

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Transferring Files

by cbader In reply to Transfering files from la ...

Get a crossover cable and if you are using XP use the file and settings transfer wizard.

If all else fails get a thumb drive or a cheap hub.

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The Cable im using

by Smash_Devour In reply to Transferring Files

Is the one from my cable modem.

I just disconnected it from the modem and into my laptop.

I take it this isnt going to work?

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RE The Cable im using

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The Cable im using

This is a Patch Cable and not suitable. You need a Cross Over Cable to directly connect. If you insist on continuing to use this cable you need either a Joiner and a Short Crossover Cable or a Hub and another Patch Lead.

The Cards that you are plugging into are not designed to accept a direct connection without a Crossover Cable or a Crossover Connection between the 2 computers.


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