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transfering the contents of hdd.

By requiem472001 ·
i have errors on my hard drive. the bad news is scandisk does not work properly. the good news is i have two hdd. i would like to transfer the contents from the old to the new, and was wondering if this method would fix the problems or simply bring them to the new drive. if at all possible i would like to refrain from eraseing all the content and re instlling the OS. but this is also an option.

thank you for your time!


Caleb Sorichetti

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by pierrejamme In reply to transfering the contents ...

When you bought the new hard drive (which I assume is the slave) did you get hard drive utilities? Such as MaxBlast comes with new Maxtor drives. If so, you are in luck. if not download from Internet from the brand you bought. It will allow you to make a bootable copy of your C drive onto the \ drive. However you will need to move all of first as it will be formatted. After the copy is complete you change the jumper on the drive and voilla it is a bootable C drive.
Good Luck,

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by jsolari020 In reply to transfering the contents ...

Instead of downloading and installing software on a drive that is not running so well. You could boot the computer into safe mode. This will allow you to copy pretty much every important file onto the other drive. If you must use software the max blast software is the best but cna be used on any drive even thought it is made by maxtor

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by pctech In reply to transfering the contents ...

You do not say if you are getting physical or software errors on your hard drive. Either way, copying the entire contents from one drive to the other is really not a viable option UNLESS it is a physical error AND NO FILES reside on the physical damage. What are the chances?
I would immediately set the good drive as the primary drive and start with a fresh load of Windows. Slave in or place on the secondary IDE bus the " errored " drive and copy over as much DATA as possible to the new drive but, only AFTER a current anti virus program has been installed and has been updated with the latest virus defs. I think you will find this to be the least painful approach in the long run.
I wish you luck and I hope this helps you.

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by rl.forbes In reply to transfering the contents ...

One alternative would be to use Steve Gibson's Spinrite on your hard drive to move all of the data off of any damaged portions. This is a slow process - it can take a day or two for a large drive and the software costs around $50 (when I bought it).

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