Transferring audio to different device

By pdonaghey ·

I'm a bit confused with this. I'm looking for a way to have say my music or a game coming out of my surround sound system and then audio from a a program such as teamspeak to go through a usb headset or a bluetooth head set (I'm not to fussy which one but a bluetooth one would be more ideal).

Is there any programs that can do this. or anyway that windows itself can do it?

My pc at the moment has 2 sound cards in it (a built in one and a 5.1 sound card as well)

If anyone can help this would be excellent as i've kinda had enough of clambering round th eback of my computer to plug my headset in.

Thanks in advance


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Depends on the program.....

by DownRightTired In reply to Transferring audio to dif ...

Alot of audio programs will allow you to select the sound card you want the sound to go out on. You can go into control panel and then sound settings and change your default sound card. though this would most likely send everything there unless specified differently by whatever program your using. Ive never used teamspeak, but our company uses skype which allows this. Theres also some headsets and phone adapters specific to different VOIP services that have their own software that works w/ the VOIP software. Theres also the cheap alternative of gettin an audio splitter from radio shack so you can plug your headphones and speakers in at the same time, then just turn of your speakers when u want to use the headset.

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