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Transferring data from one ISP to anothe

By deputybecky ·
A client would like to transfer their ecommerce site from their current ISP to a new one. Their site uses a SQL database. They want ME to transfer the database from the old ISP to the new. Anyone willing to tell me how? I've transferred html and asp, but don't know where to begin with SQL. HELP!!!

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Transferring data (SQL dbase) from ISP

by RavenR In reply to Transferring data from on ...

Hello Becky,

You'll need to FTP the database from the original web server to the new web server. Let's assume this is a Microsoft Access database (with an .mdb extension).

The next thing you'll need to do is define the ODBC connection string in the ODBC Data Sources called a DSN (Data Source Name). This is found in Control Panel. On a Windows 2000 Server it is found in Control Panel and then under Administrative Tools. Just copy the original DSN information - and if you have put the database in a new folder on the new server, just change the path to the database. The crucial piece is the NAME of the DSN, and any options, if any.

I hope this helps. You should be able to find the name to the DSN in the ASP code - if all else fails. You can email me at directly if you like.

Hopefully this helped.


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Transferring SQL Database from ISP

by vigorous_one In reply to Transferring data (SQL db ...

Roger is correct you will need the DSN, you will also need the table schema (table layout). Then you will need to get all of the data out of the tables now most likely you'll all going to have to do this by hand and if you are not on a co-location which it doesn't sound like you are. As to why the use of .mdb files was used I'm not sure since in an E-commerce site you most likely are using transactions for all the tables and I don't remember Access supporting transactions.

Then change the name of the .asp scripts that make the database connection so that no other users can enter data into the tables. Put up a place marker on the current site so that users know that they can't enter data from this time to this time (best to do it in theearly morning).

Then look on the web for .asp tutorials that will help you determine how many tables you have and then from there you could just issue a select * from <table_name> and then write that into another file. From there you can ftp those files off of the server then from there do a little data messaging and use another asp script that will read from those files and re input the data. Of course after you finish with the asp scripts that select all of the data out you might want to rename the old files so that you're not down for too long.

good luck,

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VERY helpful, but an underlying question

by deputybecky In reply to Transferring SQL Database ...

Thank you to both of you for your very detailed descriptions. I think I can do this now. I do have one question however. Can I do all of this on my computer or do I need a server with the accompanying software to make these changes. I've heard that I need the SQL manager, but you both imply that I can do this on my own computer by accessing the control panel on the server. Am I understanding correctly?

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VERY helpful but a questing still linger

by vigorous_one In reply to VERY helpful, but an unde ...

Hi deputybecky,
I concurred with the other guy to say that you can get the ODBC information through the control panel but you can do it scriptographically as well.
The purpose of my post was to show you that all of this can be done remotely through a ftp session. Of course it would be much cleaner if you had the SQL manager but this is SQL you can get the description of the tables and the data from the tables via .asp code in which case you would not need to have the software installed anywhere at your location. Since you didn't mention which Database Platform this site was running on we had to assume and give you as a generic solution as possible. From your mention of SQL Manager was this solution running with SQL server? If so, then you might want to make sure that you are not calling any stored procedures and if you are that you save them as well.

Best of luck,


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Let me clarify...

by deputybecky In reply to VERY helpful but a questi ...


First of all, after looking back at my own entries, I realize I have not been as clear as possible. Thank you for your patience!

My client has a SQL database that is being managed and hosted by their current ISP. I don't know what kind of server it is on. My client would like to switch ISPs and have the database transfered. The new ISP will be Hostway. Is it possible that I (with no prior experience in the subject, no server, and no software except my FTP program) can transfer their database for them, or this something that is usually left to the current ISP.

I appreciate any advice you can give.


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