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transferring favs and email from old pc to new

By gaitedhorse128 ·
I just bought a new PC and would like to transfer my email and address book from Outlook Express (yep, I'm a wuss, just too lazy to learn Outlook). I'd also like to transfer my favorites from IE. My PCs are networked; I've already copied my documents and file folders from My Documents. Help please. Thanks so much.

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Transferring Favorites....

by otrebor93 In reply to transferring favs and ema ...

On your old PC, where you have all your old Favrt bbookmarks,
go in the folder called WINDOWS; C:/WINDOWS, and
if the folder looks empty, click, on the left, of the WINDOWS folder "Show content of folder".

In this WINDOWS folder, there should be a folder called FAVOURITES.

Copy the entire folder, to a CD ROM.
Burn the CD ROM, as if you are making a data CD.

Take your CD you created, with your old Favr., insert it in your new PC.

Copy the folder from the CD RoM, and paste it in to the folder:" WINDOWS", on your new PC. C:/WINDOWS
All the Favor., on your new PC will be repleaced.

If you already have some new bookmarks on the new PC, and you want to keep them, do not copy and paste the entire folder Favor. !

Instead, open the folder on the CD ROM, and copy all its content....everithing.

Then, go to the folder "WINDOWS" of the new PC, open the Favor.folder, and paste everyting , inside.

Close everithing, and next time you launch IE, you will see all the favourite bookmarks, in the FAVOURITE menu.

You do not need to reboot.
I know that it is convenient to have all your Fav in the menu of IE.

But I usually, just paste the folder, with my old Fav., in a directory anyware on the PC, and call it bookmarks...
When I want to look a website, I just go to that folder, and click on the icon.
What's even better, is that ina folder, you can see all the bookmarks, clearly at once, instead of scrolling thatslow and boring menu in IE.
I reserve the Favor. menu, for the most visited URL
Try useing that menu, when you have 300 or more bookmarks !!!

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by australia In reply to Transferring Favorites... ...

wonderfull explanation.Had the same problem myself-----Kevin

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OE mail

by TheChas In reply to transferring favs and ema ...

First off, you are usually better off asking questions in the Technical Q&A section of the site.
You tend to get answers faster and an email to notify you when an answer is posted.

The location of your OE mail and address book depends on the version of Windows and OE on your old PC.

Since you have the PCs networked, if the new PC has XP on it, you should be able to just use the files and settings transfer wizard to bring everything over from the old PC.
If you run the transfer preparation tool on the old PC, you can even move some application programs.

Address book location:

C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book


C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

OE mail:
OE mail is stored in a series of .dbx files.
There will be 1 DBX file for each OE folder plus 1 more.

File locations are either:

C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express


C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express\{a string for each user}
(the order of the folders might be off as I am typing this from memory)


Windows 2000/XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Favorites

Windows 9X:


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More OE mail

by ozi Eagle In reply to OE mail


Chas is right, however, some win versions store the mail in one of the following paths.

C:\windows\application data\identities\(sting of numbers)\microsoft\outlook express.

c:\documents and settings\(user name)\application data\identities\(sting of numbers)\microsoft\outlook express

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