Transferring files from SSD to HDD

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Hello, I just recently built my first desktop PC a couple months ago with a 250 gb SSD and a 1 tb HDD and just recently learned today that I had never activated my HDD as I had run out of storage. I am now wondering what files/folders should I transfer over from my SSD to my HDD.

What took up the most storage on my SSD was games, as that is what I built my PC for and their files, I also have a small bit of pictures and videos. If you need more information just contact me and I can provide screenshots of my files. I just want to know what I can transfer over safely to my HDD.


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Well firstly you'll have to go into Drive Managment

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Transferring files from S ...

In your OS and format the unused drive which I would presume is the 1 TB drive.

Depending on the OS you are using it's different in each OS so to get the right answer you'll have to look in the help files of your OS.

Then after you have formatted the second drive into the way you want it several small partitions or 1 big partition you can move data files by just transfgering between different drives.

Moving Program Files is somewhat more difictult as without knowing what OS you are using it's not possible to say how this could be done but just coping them to the other drive is very unlikely to be an option that will work.

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