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transferring itunes music

By rolandelaurin ·
ipod music stored on an apple.want to transfer to new laptop running windows xp.any ideas or software available.

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by Sue T In reply to transferring itunes music

iTunes is available for PCs on Apple's site. Download and install it if it isn't already installed.

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by rolandelaurin In reply to transferring itunes music

understand itunes is available for pc.However was advised if music library is already on mac cannot load to the new pc(windows).how do I transfer without losing the library(music)?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to transferring itunes music

step one: put test song in ipod
2: hook ipod to pc
3. download to pc.
4. see if it works

just guessing, i don't have an ipod
if i were you i'd go to and look it up or ask them via email. i don't see why this shouldn't work. you may have to do an 'import' or something
a cd burned in 'iso' mode can be read on both. i expect a dvd can be also
if you have a network card in box boxes you can follow directions on the apple website or ask here in the mac section on how to make yourself a little network to hook the two up. again, once you get your file over you probably have to do some kind of import via itunes to get the itunes library on the pc to know about them
good luck. (you have been assimilated...

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by Blackcurrant In reply to transferring itunes music


Place your music on your iPod, and make sure that 'enable disk use' is checked.

Plug the iPod into your laptop open My Computer and copy the music folder to your hard drive

Install iTunes on the laptop (do not install it before copying the music folder), and import the music folder.

If you have more music than your ipod will hold, go through these inital steps, but after installing iTunes on the laptop, make sure that the option to synchronise your ipod with your music library is NOT checked. After importing the music folder into the library (i.e. creating new copies in the new iTunes library), delete the original music folder, remove the music from your iPod, then fill it up again from the old machine and repeat the process.

Good luck

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