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Transferring media files securley

By batgirl_sa ·
HI. I am interested in knowing what is the best most secure way of transferring media files securly. I need to transfer media files from the headquarters to several companies or branches globally. It is critical that this trasnfer is secure and only specific people can recive specific material. An option is to set up the whole infrustructire by putting all the material on a server and giving the customers access via VPN that will transfer over the interent... now this will possibly work but is this really the BEST most efficient way to do this? I am wondering how all the big media companies deal with these kind of issues... i know there are solutions out in the market (i found something called Accellion and digital rapids just through a basic google search) is an actual solution the way to go? has anyown heard of such products? or know of any good solutions? can anyone help me out... i really need some advice...

Thanks and i really appreciate and help provided.


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I'd start my learning curve at TR's "Home" tab and do a search for SSL.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Transferring media files ...

But that's just me. I'd also search there for encryption and probably go to too. <br><br>I'd have to consider placing the files on an encrypted UFD (USB flash drive) or external HD if there are more than is feasible for a UFD and ship via USPS/UPS/Fed-Ex or whatever delivery service you trust wherever you live. You can generally get next-day delivery and have a specific person sign for the package if that's what you need. <br><br>

Also check:<br><br>
If you go the hardware encryption route
<b>test decryption on anything you encrypt <i><u>before</u></i> deleting the original.</b> Trust me on that!<br><br>
If the data/media files never go on-line no one has a chance of intercepting them. If they're adequately encrypted only certain governmental agencies can decrypt them. If you go the hardware route put an unencrypted "readme.txt" file at the root of each drive with your contact information. Hardware has the advantage too in that it can be used again without tying up network connections and bandwidth for large data/media transfers.<br><br>One last tip for encryption: Use <b>strong</b> passwords. A search for password(s) at TR's home page should have good password info. I didn't check it, I'm just making that assumption. TR's usually a great resource for all of this kind of stuff.

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