Transferring photos from camera on Windows thin client

By smn723 ·
We have a WYSE Windows thin client that remote desktops into Windows Server 2003 server. We want to be able to connect the camera to the Windows thin client via USB cable and transfer the images to a folder on that server in the user's profile (i.e. a folder on their desktop). How can we do this? I greatly appreciate attention to this matter.

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Create the Picture Folder in that users Documents

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Transferring photos from ...

Plug in the camera and locally browse the Computer and collect all the Pictures from the camera and copy them into the users Picture Folder. When you are sure that they are all there you can then remove them from the camera.


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I believe I may have been unclear

by smn723 In reply to Create the Picture Folder ...

I know how to do all that. The problem I am experiencing is when I plug the camera into the USB port of the thin client it is not recognized. Is there some sort of driver that can be installed on the server that the thin client connects to via the RDP connection which will allow me to transfer files off the camera through the USB port of the thin client? Or is their software? Unsure what needs to be done. All help is appreciated.

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Actually it sounds more like a GP has been setup

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I believe I may have been ...

Which prevents the use of the USB Ports for Data Storage Devices.

There was a Featured Article written here recently by Sonja about using GP's to disable the USB Ports in 2003 and on the connected computers. Granted this applied to the more convention networks where they had Computers as workstations and not Thin Clients but the over all thing is the same it's just that the available USB Ports have to be recognised as Usable by the Server which is what the OS is effectively running on when Thin Clients are involved as they are just an extension of the Servers Hardware.

If you haven't deliberately used some GP to disable USB Ports that are not being used by Keyboards you may have to use a GP to enable them on the Thin Clients that you want this option on.

Sorry but I haven't worked with Dumb Terminals since the main frame days and that was quite some time ago and there where no USB Ports way back then. But I had one government office in the Rural area that was constantly falling over and that was because they had a Data input operator who could type faster than the system could handle the input and cause it to crash. So whenever she wanted a break she would crash the System and then walk away for about 30 minutes and do as she liked and leave the local Techs to fix up the mess. Of course when I was brought in to find the problem she never did anything so I was being driven nuts by a system that was working perfectly when I was there but falling over several times a day when the IT Section of the Government was administering it.

In the end I eventually caught her out but it wasn't easy.


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same problem with usb but gp not related

by cillbat In reply to Actually it sounds more l ...

we have win2003 termservices, hp thinclient t5500 with winCE. On WinCE as administrator the usb shows up as harddrive2 but does not show up when on the termserver. since we've put the regular user profile into kiosk and auto logon, that profile can't check for the drive unless i turn those off, but it shows up the same for them when i do. We have local resources checked for use but it makes no difference whether we check them or not in the advanced option for the remote connection.

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