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Transferring Q&A to Access

By AgapePC ·
A user has an old Q&A database that we need to convert to an Access database. Does anyone out there know how to do this?

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Transferring Q&A to Access

by sgt_shultz In reply to Transferring Q&A to Acces ...

i don't know Q&A but there is always a way (lots of ways) much data (how many records) are we talking about...?
go into Q&A and look at any options for exporting the data or doing 'save as' into another format. let us know what choices you find. look at access under 'get external data' or 'import' to see what format's it will accept. you might be able to use something like comma delimited format. however, if you have comma's within your data fields (eg. Rochester, Michigan) don't use comma as your delimiter. try tab instead.
if you don't have any compatible looking formats and this database is big and important you can try capturing a 'report' from Q&A using a parallel or serial printer port. you will then have to 'parse' the datainto a (tab) delimited file to import into access. this is getting tricky so maybe to complex a solution for you...
if there is an Q&A ODBC driver for Access that would be another simple way.
good luck hope this helps some

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