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Transferring XP to another hard drive

By elrsmith ·
I have a desktop that has three hard drives. One is partitioned in two and includes the C:\windows files and all aspects of the operating system. I need to move this to the newer hard drive (E:\). I have used LapLink to successfully copy the files from C to E with the exception of some log files it wouldn't copy. I want to make E the new "C" and I will deinstall the old hard drive. I purchased PC Mover but that would have overwritten some files already on E: so I didn't use it. I upgraded several times on the C drive (from 95 to 98 to XP). I want only the XP to run and have the XP second edition CD but not the previous ones.

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I don't think LapLink will get everything you need.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Transferring XP to anothe ...

XP needs more to boot from a hard drive than just a copy of the files in the C:\Windows directory. You won't have a master boot record (MBR) on the E: drive. I don't think you'll be able to do this and retain the existing data on the E:.

You mentioned three hard drives. Can you move the contents of the E: drive to the third drive, or to the non-boot partition that shares a physical drive with C Then you can use PC Mover to move C: to E:. I'm not familiar with PC Mover, but I assume it works similar to Norton Ghost. Once you do that you'll need to open the system and move the cable from the old C: drive to the old E: / new C: drive, and make sure the jumper settings are the same.

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by elrsmith In reply to I don't think LapLink wil ...

I checked and the E:\drive says "Master Boot Record" when I do a Properties check. (Actually they all do.) Does that change your answer? L.

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Have you tried

by zlitocook In reply to Transferring XP to anothe ...

The file and setting transfer wizard? Fastwiz, you can export your stuff to another drive. Then do a clean install of XP. And move the files back the same way. I think too many upgrades muck things up.

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by elrsmith In reply to Have you tried

Haven't heard of that one. I'll look into it. The problem is - I only have the upgrade version of XP SP2 (and the original upgrade) not a full version because I have upgraded so many times.

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by zlitocook In reply to Fastwiz

I had an upgrade for XP but I gave it away. If you have an Win98 CD you can use it to install the upgrade. When installing the upgrade it will ask you for the CD you are upgrading from.

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by Espionage In reply to Transferring XP to anothe ...

why don't you make a simple image of your win xp and then install image to a new HD?

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Image won't work

by elrsmith In reply to image

I have a ton of stuff already on the E drive. If I make an image, that stuff will be overwritten. I just want to get Windows XP off the C drive, take that drive out of the machine, and use what is now E as the boot drive.

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