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Transforming Stress during Economic Turmoil

By bennett6p6p ·
Today's economic crisis is hitting like powerful waves of new stress, making it difficult to perform at our best while maintaining balance at work and home. It?s a whole new playing field now fraught with more uncertainty in the months to come.

These current times are hard on employees, their families and your business itself. Stress in the workplace causes higher absenteeism, reduces on-site productivity, increases the risk of on-the-job personal injury, and wastes time. And that, in turn, hurts your bottomline ? as if it isn?t already hurting.

By Bruce Cryer

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What are you on about?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Transforming Stress durin ...

I haven't seen any particular change in work place stress since I started in 1981. Always some reason for it in a business. Which reason it is, is irrelevant in terms of the effects, which as far as I can make no employer has ever found a cost effective reason to address short of getting rid of people.

My tip, attitude. Don't bother worrying about stuff you can do nothing about. Everything you can, don't worry, get off your arse and do it instead.

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by santeewelding In reply to What are you on about?

Thank you, Tony.

"...stress...Always some reason for it in a business...[the bugbear] irrelevant in terms of the effects."

Our capacity for transference in order to look away from ourselves and find some handy thing to blame...

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