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Transistion to Civilian Life Advise

By jermaine.oldham@tempurped ·
Hello fellow IT professionals and experts. I am writing to seek advice on my soon to be transition to civilian life after 8 years active duty Air Force service. Below is a list of my credentials and I am seeking HONEST criticism on your experience/s on transitioning to civilian life and what advice you have to offer myself. Thanks for any advice you can or should offer...I really appreciate your help.

Here are my current credentials leaving the military

-8 years performing computer support obtaining progressively higher positions as I have gained experience. I currently perform Helpdesk, Desktop Support, System and Network Administration as well as some Network Management.
-I have an MCP certification in Windows 2000 Pro and Server. However, have attended numerous training courses through Microsoft...following the course MCSE track.
-I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Management Technology from the Community College of the Air Force.
-I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix
-TS/SCI current clearance

In addition, I have had a professional resume written, thus reflecting all of my skills, assignments, education, and training.

And most importantly I have a great attitude, am very dedicated and motivated towards enhancing company effectiveness and accomplishing established goals. In your opinion, how will I do and what advice do you have for me. Thank you so much!

Jermaine C. Oldham

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You sound well situated

by gralfus In reply to Transistion to Civilian L ...

You are especially well situated for goverment IT jobs, since you will get veterans preference. Check city, county, state, and federal job sites, especially ones that require clearance.

Even so, you may have to start with something less than what you are capable of doing, just to get your foot in the door. There are many out of work IT folks you are competing against. One plus in that situation is that many ex-IT people are socially inept, bad tempered, and don't interview well despite their technical skills. Attitude, confidence, and interviewing well are your best tools in getting work (and passing any technical quizzes they throw at you).

When I was hired about a year ago, they commented that they got a lot more for their money than they were shooting for. I have similar credentials to you, and was looking for something like network administration, but ended up on a help desk. Even so, it is better pay than I was getting from the private sector and the benefits are amazing. So I will stick with the "lowly" help desk job until something better presents itself. And I'm trying to learn new things and keep my old skills as sharp as possible, without being able to use them daily as I did in school.

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Re: Well Situated

by jermaine.oldham@tempurped In reply to You sound well situated

Thanks for the advice/compliments...I have taken your advice and thus have applied for numberous positions within the US government! BTW, who do you work for...the government as well and what grade are you currently at?


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purposeful living

by inquiry In reply to Transistion to Civilian L ...

Hi Jermaine, Agree that a great attitude, dedication, and motivation are key to success. Congratulations on the new opportunity ahead of you. You might check out this website:

There is a very cutting edge organization there that has programs that are ideal for folks transitioning out of military life.


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GS Jobs

by Jondurant In reply to purposeful living

Hello, You seem to have all the credentials needed to get a GS (Government Service) Job. Try these websites out: (US Sites and Other Countries) (Germany and European sites)

You need to only go and setup a resumix at the following website:

With your military service, your skills and your great attitude, you have a leg up on the rest.

Also it is still civilian life, even though you work for the military. It will not be a big change to deal with.

Good Luck.

Jon D.

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Re: GS Jobs

by jermaine.oldham@tempurped In reply to GS Jobs

Thanks for the advice...I am currently applying and preparing myself for GS Jobs.


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Good Luck to You.

by Jondurant In reply to Re: GS Jobs

Hope everything goes well.

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TS/SCI is a great asset

by dxmccor2 In reply to Transistion to Civilian L ...

Jermaine, you may find that having a current security clearance may be your most valuable asset right now.

Don't limit yourself to just government jobs - every size of defense contractor is looking to hire people with technical skills AND a current security clearance, especially TS or higher. They currently have job fairs hosted by major defense contractors out here in Colorado where you can't even get in the door without a current security clearance - the contractor's can't afford to hire you and then wait a year or more to get you through the security backlog. I have been told that they will hire just about anyone with a current TS and some experience and education, whether it is relavent to the job or not, and train them for the position, that is how desperate they are for people with current TS's.

I am retired military with 26 years experience there and another 8 in civilian IT, plus an IT Master's, and I can't get in to see these folks because my clearance is so old.

Good Luck, and use that TS as a major bargaining chip!


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RE:TS/SCI is a great asset

by RichAbel In reply to TS/SCI is a great asset

I agree here. I have similiar experiences as does Dennis. I worked in the command and control field and held TS/SCI/EBI/SIOP with the Air Force. I turned these clearances plus my computer expwerience and MBA-IT Management into a job with Raytheon working on many government projects. Unfortuantely due to lay-offs I have moved on but now I do FISMA and other governmental audits. Recently I had to re-do my security clearnaces and because of my past experience and clearance my paperwork came back much more quickly than others. So start your search now and I'm sure you will do well. USAF MSGt retired.

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by jermaine.oldham@tempurped In reply to TS/SCI is a great asset

Thanks for the advice Dennis. I will definitely use my current clearance to my advantage as you have mentioned.


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Recommended Website

by dxmccor2 In reply to Reply

Jermaine, I recommend you also check out They have an article on security clearance jobs that I will forward to you in a minute, although your military email host may filter me out.


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