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Transparent Bridging Firewall's

By simo7111 ·
I am very interested in learning more about Transparent Bridging Firewall's. I am unable to find any articles/journals with information and would be glad if anyone could give me a good lead. I'd like to write a journal article and this would help!


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by exNN In reply to Transparent Bridging Fire ...

Read this

install, test, make your own conclusions and then write them nice.

Let us know what you came up with.

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by -Q-240248 In reply to Transparent Bridging Fire ...

Transparent bridging does not appear to offer all the benefits of layer-3 firewalls, such as the ability to create DMZs and ACLs to segment traffic and anti-spoofing preventions, creating segments with different security levels, protocol inspections such as the "fixup" process on PIX...and maybe a few others I can't think of. The article provided above talks about reasons to use bridging firewalls is becuase layer-3 firewalls are so (paraphrasing here) 'hard to put it.' THat seems to be a very lame excuse. There are a lot of benefits to segmenting and firewalling at the same time: Can you say NAT? NAT/PAT is what keeps the majority of the Internet losers out of your network, and this is a major advantage over bridging firewalls.

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