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    by popher ·

    For several months, my computer (born in January) has been getting a Blue Screen of Death, TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN.
    I am running Windows XP SP2 on an Athlon XP 3000+, Radeon 9800se 256MB, 512MB ram.
    I have tried using WinDbg on a FULL 512MB memory dump, with online and downloaded symbol files several times, meriting only ntoskrnl.exe as fault.
    I have reinstalled gfx drivers, and as many drivers as I can be bothered. Sometimes it crashes when running Games, sometimes when only running mIRC. Sometimes it crashes when doing lots, sometimes when not doing much.
    My computer temperatures are (according to Mobo) 45C 115F case, roughly the same idle for CPU.
    I have 8 Fans (2 case at 8cm, 2 PSU at 8cm, 1cpu, gfx and 2 mini fans taking air into case, 4cm each.) A non-stock fan for CPU.
    I havent tried a repair install of Windows yet.
    The crashes appear random. Some days getting 4 a day, some days none. 21 since 9th of September.

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      by master3bs ·

      In reply to TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN BSOD Windows XP

      To really troubleshoot this it helps to have the 8 digit error code (ie 0x00000012 is most likely the one you are getting.) The problem is the cause is unknown, hence the error.

      Here are some basic steps though.
      First, try taking a look at this MS support article:

      If that doesn’t work; do the following

      1. Look at the ?System? and ?Application? logs in Event Viewer for other recent errors. This may give you more information. To do this, click on the run command and type EventVwr.msc.

      2. If there is any new hardware; remove it and see if you get the same problem.

      3. Try testing with different RAM.

      4. Roll back any new drivers.

      4. Make sure device drivers and system BIOS are up-to-date.

      5. Check for viruses in safe mode

      6. Uninstall any new software that was added just before the problem started.

      7. Doublecheck your bios. Disable any special memory options such as shadowing or caching.

      8. Check the MS Harwware compatiblity site to see if you have something not compatible.

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      by dmiles ·

      In reply to TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN BSOD Windows XP

      This is a Windows 2000 character-mode Stop message. It indicates a trap from an unknown cause.

      User Action:
      If this is the first time you have restarted after installing additional hardware, remove the hardware and restart again. Check the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List to verify that the hardware and its drivers are compatible with Windows 2000. For information about the hardware, contact the supplier. If you are installing Windows 2000 for the first time, check the Windows 2000 system requirements, including amount of RAM and disk space required to load the operating system. Also check the Hardware Compatibility List to verify that the system can run Windows 2000. If Windows 2000 is loaded and no new hardware has been installed, restart with recovery options set to create a dump file. If the message continues to appear, select the Last Known Good option when you restart. If there is no Last Known Good configuration, try using the Emergency Repair Disk. If you do not have an Emergency Repair Disk, contact your technical support group.
      It may as well be a hardware problem with the video card,and amount of memory on the card

      Hope this helps

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      Reply To: TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN BSOD Windows XP

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN BSOD Windows XP

      what sound card? the only thing i can find besides what else has been mentioned is there is a known issue with soundblaster live! cards. the fix is to remove the Live program or update it.
      here is snippet from creative site:
      These driver files are for Creative Labs customers who have recently installed Windows XP on a system that has a Live! series sound card physically installed and have encountered a problem that caused the Windows Error Report dialog box to be displayed.

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      by popher ·

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