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Tray/App window installer

By mmartin490 ·
Out of the blue, my computer is trying to install "Tray/App". I have no idea what this is as I've not installed anything. It wants a cd-rom disc or I can browse to locate elsewhere. This is very perplexing. Can anyone help in this area??
Thanks Mary

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by lhatcher In reply to Tray/App window installer

Sounds like the program is in your MSCONFIG Startup list and isn't
completely installed. You might have to uncheck the program in the startup
list and reboot if you don't have the disk to finish installing.

How to uncheck app
Start > Run > type msconfig, OK > 'Startup' tab > uncheck app > reboot

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by mmartin490 In reply to Tray/App window installer

That's just it, nothing was installed. Monday the pop=up did not appear but Tuesday morning it appeared. I did not add to, reviewed config sys, nothing. It just appeared. My computer is 2 years old. I can do and "end task" and continue to work but it keeps coming back when I close Windows.

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by ctrservices In reply to Tray/App window installer

Make sure nothing is checked in Msconfig--Startup tab except your AV, spyware and firewall apps. Reboot and see if the program still tries to install. Let us know what happens.

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Tray App solution

by hellborne In reply to Tray/App window installer

when u r prompted to insert the disc, just insert your HP printer CD that came along with ok..this should solve ur problem..

if not uninstall the HP softwares installed on ur PC, restart and then reinstall.

it worked for me :)

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i fixed my tray/app

by nilafuzia In reply to Tray/App window installer

i went to run services.msc and made sure my windows installer was on automatic.
but what really worked was putting my printer cd in.

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I Have Solution

by Metrotek In reply to Tray/App window installer

I turned off UAC (user account control) and it quit doing this.

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A Better Solution

by LupinePredator In reply to Tray/App window installer

This is the result of files left behind when you "remove" the software, either via Windows add/Remove Programs window, or using the HP Software uninstall utility. These files are, in my humble opinion, left behind deliberately. If you have changed brands of printer as I have, then there is absolutely no reason for any of these rogue HP files to be left behind, nor is there any reason to reinstall the HP software simply to eliminate this annoying occurance. After all, if you no longer have an HP printer, why have their software sitting on your HD taking up space and doing nothing?

The best solution to this issue is only slightly more complicated than reinstalling the HP software to get rid of the installation attempt at startup. This is how you do it:

1.) Open Windows Explorer, then click on Program Files.

Look to see if there is a folder there called "HP." If so, continue to next step. If not, then I'm afraid your only solution is to reinstall the HP software. However, I'm 99% certain that the folder will be there.

2.) After you've verified that the HP folder exists, close Windows Explorer, and reboot your computer.

You must do this to solve the problem, because you're going to be deleting the HP files which are now, even though you stopped the process, active in your computer's memory.

3.) Boot your computer in Safe Mode.

To do this, Press the "F8" key as as soon as your monitor first goes black, and before the Windows splash screen appears on your monitor. You'll be given a list of choices, simply use your up/down keys to highlight "Safe Mode," then press "Enter." Before Windows loads fully, you'll be asked if you want to enter Safe Mode, or use System Restore to repair your computer. At this window, click "Yes" to indicate you want to run in Safe Mode.

4.) Delete the HP folder from your hard drive.

When Windows has completely loaded, open Windows Explorer, and navigate back to Program Files. Find the HP folder, right click on it, and then click on "Delete." Verify that you want to delete the folder and all files. You'll be warned that some programs may not function properly, but since you're eliminating HP software anyway, this is of no concern. Simply reverify that you wish to remove the folder.

5.) Reboot your computer again.

Restart your computer normally, without going to Safe Mode. You'll find that the issue has been resolved. You can now use any registry cleaning utility to remove all traces of HP software from the registry.

The most important thing about this little explanation is the fact that I changed printers. I used to swear by HP, but I've become a Kodak convert. An added benefit to the Kodak printer I now have: Ink is about $12.00 cheaper for the combination pack than any HP ink I ever bought; and the cartridges last much longer. Their secret? HP, and most other companies, have you mount a fresh print head each time you change ink - the print head is part of the cartridge itself. Kodak has simply made the print head a seperate component, one that so far has lasted for well over a year for me with no issues. In effect, with most printer ink cartridges, you're buying a new print head each time you load a new cartridge.

And that, my friends, is just another example of how corporate America likes to rip us off...

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by henk.reimink In reply to Tray/App window installer

deleting the HP file in safemode worked for me.

open your program files and check for HP file which will have all your HP printer details as well as image software.

IF you can locate the HP file then reboot or restart your pc.
upon restarting interrupt right at the beginning of the reboot with F8 showing a menu of various modes, use arrow keys to select 'safemode' and 'enter' and let the remainder of the start up phase continue.
Click yes if requested.

Once the restart in safemode is complete, open explorer/programfiles/HP left click on HP and right click and select 'delete'.
This will remove the whole file to the re-cycle bin.

Then restart the computer and the TrayApp problem should be eliminated.

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