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Treat a job hunt like a research project

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Do you think Nick is steering you in the right direction? Tell us what you think about treating a job hunt like a research project, as featured in Monday's Career Advice e-newsletter. How do you structure your job searches? How much research time doyou put into them?

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Good job hunting method

by brian.kiser In reply to Treat a job hunt like a r ...

There's no harm (and much to gain) in doing this. Of course, it doesn't take a reasonably smart guy who's out of work long to figure this out. A good dose of desperation when you're in your early twenties will make you a very inventive job hunter.<g>


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by ISAdmin In reply to Treat a job hunt like a r ...

I was recently made redundant and spent about 6 weeks without a job. I logged onto 3 or 4 web sites every day ( jobserve,, Totaljobs, etc..) Having applied for around 20 jobs in the first 2 weeks, some 8 or 9 agencies had my CV on their system. I phoned the agencies once a week to keep my name fresh in their minds and continued with the web sites. I had 7 interviews in 6 weeks and turned down two positions before accepting my current position.
It's also a good idea to have somethingelse to do. You can't look for work 8 hours a day.
Buy a book and revise for that next MCP.

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Haven't read the article, but...

by ghstinshll In reply to Treat a job hunt like a r ...

Yes, job hunting should be a very serious project to embark on. After all, you don't want to end up working for another 2nd rate employerl ike your current one, right? I absolutely love my current employer, as they respect my talent, I respect theirprocesses, and together we're doing a great job of keeping things running smoothly here in this office.

My former employer (a tech company skimping pennies) had little respect, flew by the seat of their pants, and had no idea what I was doing for them besides I was capable of everything, literally! My current employer is a professional services firm, by the way...

I couldn't ask for a better employer. But one of the many reasons I have this position is because of my hard work in findingthe posting on the web and writing a great cover letter, resume, and references... My research about the company and it's industry (which were new to me) helped my current manager realize I wanted to work for this industry and was a go-getter for information. It's easy to put in a 40 hour week looking for jobs and writing CUSTOM cover letters for each position applied for, but as you read above, use time to update at least one certification if you're out of work.

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