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Trends dominating Microsoft Dynamics 365 for 2019

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Microsoft Dynamics is leading enterprise software that focuses on customer relationship management.
To always be a step ahead of the competition curve, Microsoft keeps updating Dynamics for the changing business landscape. Dynamics 365 continues
to develop and improve its interface in accordance with changes that are vital for your business to be as productive as possible. Globally the CRM ecosystem is evolving and Microsoft is at the forefront of this change. Let us look at some upgrades that have readied Dynamics CRM consulting for the future of business solutions.

Virtual Assistance
Instantaneous query addressal is the norm today through live chats. Delays can result in an interest dip for the product or service being offered. Chatbots have proved helpful in locating instant answers to queries after a swift search through CRM database. The presence of virtual assistance eases out the task of data entry and brings in place life like conversational interfaces with relevant information.
AI becoming an intrinsic component
Office 365 Enterprise Consulting firms in Canada and across the globe are enabling workflows powered by artificial intelligence — this is very much a reality of the current CRM workspace and not just a far fetched dream. AI enmeshed into a CRM system can automate various tasks and reduce the pile of manual work and Automation is definitely the future. With AI as an indispensable component, the ‘future’ is at hand.
We are 20 years into enterprise CRM software and it is only going to get better and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be a part of that evolving CRM ecosystem.
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