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Trials of a single-person startup using Asp.NET MVC3

By twohandstech ·
My most recent endeavor is building a Asp.Net MVC3 based SAAS called Purchasing BOSS ( This could be called on eProcurement, ERP Type, or Online Purchase Order System.

I've spent countless hours in development and the product is still very simple, only on my 3rd release. I am attempting to take the Lean Startup strategy of Eric Reis and build a product that is FOR my users. Release Early and Release Often, Build, Measure, Learn.

I'm interested in finding out who else out there is also going through the same process, and what things they have found that have helped them to succeed. In terms of development, as well as SEO and gaining momentum. I'd also like to get some opinions about when to bring on other developers. In my situation, I want to build something on my own, and have it be successful from my work alone. That may be a little selfish, but I'm sure some of you out there can relate. I also realize that at some point I will need to bring in other people. I just hope that when that time comes, I will be able to pay those people with profits from the product.

If you want to find out more about what I'm doing or want to contact me directly, please go to and click on the contact page, or check out our eProcurement system at

Thanks for your feedback.

-Spencer Greer

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