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Trick of the Day - Wacking Temp Files

By The Admiral ·
A long time ago in a Galaxy Far Far away.... Well, maybe not. Microsoft has consistently created operating systems and applications that had one major flaw.

They never really clean up after themselves after use.

We take a look at the OS with Defragmentation, compression, Adware, and a plethora of other things, but when you open that application and your working in Word, Excel or other app, did you know you are actually working on a TEMP file?

Yep that ~filename.whatever is the temp file your working off of, and in some cases after you saved your document1.doc as the real file, you still have that ~filename lingering in your temp directory.

But you can get rid of them rather easily.

First, find a good copy of the deltree.exe program that Windows 95 or Windows 98 had in the C:\Windows\Command directory. Put that file into the c:\windows or c:\winnt directory (this is because by default, the path is already to those directories.)

Then create a batch file with the following:

attrib -h -s -r -a c:\temp\*.* /s
deltree /y c:\temp\*.*

Now, set up Windows 2000 & XP to place the system & profile temp files into the c:\temp directory, and run this on startup when the system is booted by adding it to the scheduler.

What this does is kill the massive amounts of temp files that slow applications and the system down.

Some complain that you should not delete system temp files, or application temp files, but the fact of the matter is that I have had 6 laptops with no application crashes in two years.

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